by michael northam



in 1993 i met first, francisco lopéz. we developed a friendship and began, in subsequent meetings, to consider a collaboration. he proceeded to gather recordings from my archives and develop a work that was later to be entitled 'belle confusion 0247' that was completed in my studio at the time in portland, oregon.

trying to digest his philosophy and working tendencies i tried to authentically adhere the process of collaboration and produce my answer. after nearly half a decade of work, i produced 'oreads' to my full personal satisfaction. however, it resulted in end of our dialog as francisco could not agree to the publishing of this work, telling me that he refused it on various conceptual grounds.

therefore this work has never been heard except for a very small group of friends.

i however feel that this is a very important work revealing a certain process in my history and development and am happy to present it here via bandcamp.


released January 1, 2005

sources - michael northam
remixes - francesco lopez
final arrangement/compost/sounddesign - michael northam



all rights reserved


michael northam Talent, Oregon

Active & published internationally, for the past two decades Michael Northam has been cultivating a personal style exploring experience through the sound. His compositions are based on alternative techniques for sound recording & mixing where improvisations on unusual electro-acoustic instruments, including self-designed ones, are interwoven with recordings from various locations around the world. ... more

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