the gathering

by michael northam



"the gathering" - was a work that originated from materials gathered one afternoon at La Push, Washington, USA in 1995. Inspired by meetings with Jeph Jerman and also this special location next to the Pacific Ocean. The piece was started as an imagination of speculated dreams made by creatures living in intertidal zones -- edges of land and ocean -- specifically barnacles.
Later the track was slated for release from the Hamburg label Wachsender Prozess on vinyl, but this never happened.
Parts of the materials in this piece were later used for the releases 'the great and riverless ocean' and 'molt and anecdote'.


released January 1, 2000
sources include: found objects and life forms from intertidal pools (sea shells, sea weed, rocks), field recordings from La Push, radio static, dried Bull Kelp horn, (probably other things that are since forgotten), computer processing and extensive mixing.

recording, mix, mastering - Michael Northam

(some sounds may have included actions of Jeph Jerman)



all rights reserved


michael northam Talent, Oregon

Active & published internationally, for the past two decades Michael Northam has been cultivating a personal style exploring experience through the sound. His compositions are based on alternative techniques for sound recording & mixing where improvisations on unusual electro-acoustic instruments, including self-designed ones, are interwoven with recordings from various locations around the world. ... more

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